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Mercer Wine Mercer Wine
Family owned, award-winning wines, sustainably operated.

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Mercer Canyons

Approachable. Fruit-Forward. New World.

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Mercer Estates

Sophisticated. Balanced. Classic.

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Mercer Reserve

Innovative. Vineyard-Driven. Ultra-Premium.

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We strive to help you live a life more abundant – from everyday dinners to extraordinary celebrations. That’s why we’ve built a wine portfolio with something for everyone and every occasion. Each bottle is an opportunity to explore Washington wine, and experience the very best of what this land has to offer.

Our Land

Finding Balance

Our region

Balance in our land and winemaking allows us to express the true characteristics of our vineyards in every glass.

Our Winemaker

Our Region:
The horse heaven hills

We planted the first wine grapes in the acclaimed Horse Heaven Hills AVA. There’s no one that understands this land (and what it can do) better than us.

Creating harmony in the ecosystem of our farm, and producing wines that demonstrate the unique terroir of the Horse Heaven Hills is the highest form of art that we can accomplish.

Our Craft:
From roots to bottle

We control quality from root-to-bottle, leveraging Mother Nature and utilizing the very best of modern technology.

Knowing the vines like they are our old friends, we are able to identify the areas of each block that will be perfect for our fruit-forward Mercer Canyons wines, our classic Mercer Estates wines, and our distinctive Reserve program. It is a special position that I find myself in - to be able to make wines from such amazing vineyards.

Jessica Munnell, Winemaker

Our History

agriculturalist | [ag-ri-kuhl-cher-aul-ist] | noun

  1. More than viticulturists or farmers, modern experts in the field of agriculture.
  2. True stewards of the land.
  3. Those who are responsible for, and take joy in, maximizing the environmental and social value of the land in their care.

We are 5th Generation Agriculturalists (not to mention pioneers and conservationists).

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Rob and Chelsea

Sustainable Farming

Nestled amongst the vineyards is our family farm. We take great pride in a five generation legacy of sustainable farming and the ability to deliver healthy food to tables around the world.

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As Agriculturalists, we believe in taking care of people... in providing them with a life more abundant. Giving back to the community is a key element of this concept.

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Mercer Carrots Eagle and Plow

Tasting Room

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Connect with staff. Take in the sights, sounds, and aromas of the wine-making process. Stroll the walking paths through our small Pinot Gris vineyard, taking in the beautiful vistas and agriculture that surrounds us. All with a glass of award winning wine in hand…

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