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2016 Sharp Sisters Red Blend

This blend shows a beautiful nose of blackberry preserves and raspberry jam with notes of sage and sweet burnt sugar. The ripe fruit combined with sleek tannin structure create a wine that is broad and powerful yet elegant. The ripe flavors in the mouth lead into a soft, lingering finish with a touch of bright acidity that leaves you wanting more.

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2018 Georgetown White Blend


Aromas of grapefruit and bright lime zest are abundant on the nose, finishing with honesuckle and passionfruit. The racy acidity from the Sauvignon blanc carries through the midpalate, rounding out with the savory tropical notes from the Viognier.

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2016 Small Lot Dry Riesling


We fermented and aged 10% of this wine on the skins, creating a wine with amazing aromas and texture. The complexity of this wine greets you in layers. Fresh fruit is first with lychee, white peach, and orange blossom followed by the warmth of honey and beeswax. Steely minerality and a core of acid focuses the fruit. On the palate, the wine has mouthwatering acidity and fresh fruit. The flavors in the palate mirror the aromas and linger nicely on the finish.

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2016 Small Lot Grenache

Notes of cranberry and strawberry marry beautifully with undertones of warm baking spices. Powdery tannin provide great texture and body, leading into a lengthy velvety finish.

Mercer Bros

Nearly fifty years ago the Mercer family planted the first wine grapes in the Columbia Valley’s Horse Heaven Hills, on land our great-grandfather settled in 1886. We strive to maintain Willis Mercer’s independent spirit in our wines, grown predominantly from these original vineyards – tended by us, made by us.

Mercer Estates

Mercer Estates is a family-owned winery dedicated to producing distinctive wines through equal passions for grape growing and winemaking. With over 100 years of agricultural history in the Horse Heaven Hills, we employ award winning sustainable farming and winemaking practices to ensure our wines express the true character of our vineyards.

Mercer Family Vineyards

Bringing the best of the Mercer Vineyards to the bottle…the Mercer Family Vineyard wines bring the power of the Horse Heaven Hills fruit to the palate with an elegance and lushness rarely seen.  Each bottle from our estate vineyard is carefully fermented and oak aged to perfection.

Mercer Reserve

Our Barrel Reserve program allows our winemaking team to craft each varietal and blend to its utmost potential. These wines benefit from small batch fermentation, luxurious oak exposure and extended barrel aging.


These small production wines begin in our family’s vineyards in the Horse Heaven Hills. Sourced from highly acclaimed vineyards, these powerful yet elegant wines express the true character and terroir of our 100 year agricultural history on the Horse Heaven Hills. 

We release these limited wines to our club members first. Join the club today for these exclusive wines!



Over 20,000 years ago, the Missoula Floods deposited sediment deep into the rich subsoils of the renowned Columbia Basin in Washington State. In each bottle of Subsoil, you discover a truly unique wine experience that showcases the distinct character and bright, ripe fruit from the Horse Heaven Hills.

Eagle & Plow

One sunny September day in 2001, two airplanes departed from a Boston Airport, and America changed. Our Country lost much of its innocence, and many Americans lost much more. This wine was crafted with the umost care and is devoted entirely to charities who assist everyday heroes.