2016 Estates Rosé

100% of the fruit for this Rosé came from Grenache from our estate Spice Cabinet Vineyard located in the Horse Heaven Hills. This vineyard sits on a southeast slope above the Columbia River. The orientation of the block allows for morning sun exposure of the fruit, while avoiding the intense afternoon rays.

2016 vintage started ahead of schedule and had everyone thinking was to to be even warmer than 2015. However, unusually cool temperatures in July and August were followed by a cool October. The cooler summer temps allowed for longer hang time into September and October. The warm days and cool nights of September gave us ample fruit flavor development balanced with bright acidity.

The Grenache was machine harvested to allow for early color extraction from the skins. Once the winery, the grapes were sent directly to press. We allowed the grapes to sit overnight to continue to extract color from the skins. After the 24 hour soak, we drained off all the free-run juice before beginning to press the grapes. The light pink free run juice was combined with the darker juice that was pressed from the skins and allowed to cold settle for 2 days. The clean juice was racked away from the settled solids and inoculated with a yeast specifically selected for Rosé. The wine was fermented cool over a period of 21 days, allowing for great aroma development.

This delicate light pink Rosé beings with aromas of fresh strawberries, pomegranate, and cranberry. The fruit is lifted with hints of mint and white tea. The wine is sleek with bright, lively acidity. The bright, crisp, refreshing acidity brings balance and structure. This Rosé would be a perfect accompaniment to everything from a causal lunch to a a refined dinner a  holiday celebration.

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