At Home in the Horse Heaven Hills

Mercer Estates is proud to call the fertile, sandy soils of Eastern Washington home. Our northerly latitude gives this area an average 17 hours of sun during the growing season. This extra daylight allows the grapes to ripen to perfection. We also sit in the rain shadow of the Cascade Mountain Range, which limits the amount of precipitation we receive to roughly 7″ per annum. This combination of low rainfall and long, warm days produces grapes with ripe fruit flavors. Simultaneously, the cool nights preserve the natural acidity and brightness for beautifully balanced wines.

The foundation vineyards of Mercer Estates Winery lie in the idyllic Horse Heaven Hills appellation. Most of our red wine grapes and some of our white wine grapes are grown right here, on the Mercer Canyons farm. The remainder of our white wine grapes come from partnership vineyards located in the cooler Yakima Valley and Columbia Valley appellations, about 10 miles north of the winery.

It is often said that great wines start in the vineyard. Our vineyard and the winery teams take great pride in positioning and cultivating our vineyards to produce premium, terroir-distinct wine varietals that create world-class, premium wines.

Mercer Estates’ Horse Heaven Hills Vineyards

Spice Cabinet Vineyard
Dead Canyon Vineyard
Eagle & Plow Vineyard
BLOCK 93 Vineyard
Princeton Vineyard
Big TeepPee Vineyard
Cavalie Vineyard
Culloden Vineyard
Zephyr Ridge Vineyard

Mercer Estates’ Partnership Vineyards

Sunnyside Vineyard – Yakima Valley
Brooks Vineyard – Columbia Valley
Spring Creek Vineyard – Columbia Valley