“Our highest priority is to preserve and protect these lands now and for future generations.” – Rob Mercer

Through our farming and winery practices, we uphold the long-standing belief that sustainability and conservation are the single most important factors in the continued success of our operations. Sustainability practices focus on water management, soil and fertility management, integrated pest management, waste management, and research. Conservation efforts emphasize energy management, wildlife habitat improvement, native plant protection, weed suppression, water management and soil protection.

In addition to our on-going, day to day efforts, we are actively engaged in a number of industry-wide initiatives such as the Vinewise sustainable project. We will continue to seek out and implement the best long-term methodologies to sustain and conserve the lands entrusted to our care.

To learn more, view the Mercer Sustainability and Conservation Practices Summary.

Sustainability Awards

Mercer Canyons Sustainable Farming• 2010 Environmental Stewardship Award by the National Potato Council and EPA, Mercer Canyons

• 2010 Wildlife Habitat Farmer of the Year Award, Mercer Canyons

2010 Environmental Excellence award by the Association of Washington Business, Mercer Estates