Mercer Estates Winery FamilyThe Mercer Family came to the Horse Heaven Hills more than 125 years ago and has been farming for four generations. They planted their first grape vines in 1972, making them the first family to plant and grow vinifera in the state. The family also has deep roots in livestock and vegetable row crops.

The diversified operations all occur on their 13,000 acre farm located along the Columbia River. The family is known throughout Eastern Washington for their work ethic, their patriotism and their contributions to the community.

The Mercer Family Timeline

Hugh Mercer


Hugh Mercer (Scottish Highlander) arrives from Scottland a doctor and soldier under George Washington. He dies at the Battle of Princeton, but is survived by his five children – thus the beginning of the Mercer Clan in the United States.

Willis Mercer

1886 – The Mercers Arrive in Washington State

Willis Mercer (Rob and Will’s Great, Great Grandfather) heads west, determined to find property that would allow him to support his family. He settled in the Prosser area at this time.

Mercer Sheeplot


Wool Production boomed during WWI, supporting the Mercer and Hill Sheep Company in the Horse Heaven Hills and Yakima Valley.
Photo: Bill, Willis and Milt Mercer.

Bud Mercer


Mercer Ranches Incorporated; the operation consisted of sheep, cattle and dryland wheat.
Photo: Bud Mercer on his Favorite horse, Buster.

Don and Bud Mercer


Irrigation was introduced to the Horse Heaven Hills paving the way for vineyards and vegetable crops.
Photo: Bud and Don turning on the irrigation valves.

Walter Clore


Walter Clore convinced Don and Linda Mercer that the Horse Heaven Hills would be the ideal site for wine grape vineyards. Cabernet Sauvignon was planted in 1972 in Block One of what is now known as the highly acclaimed Champoux Vineyard.

Mercer Estates Kids Crew


This is the kids crew that planted the Champoux Vineyard that has now scored 100 points from Robert Parker, not once, but four times!

Mercer Carrots


Start of the Mercer Ranch Carrot and Corn Packing plant, which at the time of its sale sold carrots all over the USA and several other countries.

Mercer Cabernet Sauvignon


The first vintage of Mercer Estates Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot were crafted.

Mercer Estates Production Facility


The Mercer Wine Estates production facility was built the year of our first crush.

Mercer Estates Tasting Room


The Mercer Estates Tasting Room opened in April of 2009. Jenna Hannan has been our Hospitality Manager since its inception. The tasting room is home to our Wine Club parties, hospitality events and public wine tasting. It is a relaxing, warm and inviting atmosphere to taste wine and hold an event. To schedule an event or tasting email or call (509) 786-2097.

Don and Linda Mercer


Don and Linda Mercer received the Lifetime Achievement Award from WAWGG (Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers).

Mercer Estates Reserve Wines


Summer marks the release of our first ever set of Reserve Wines. These unique wines are only produced in very small quantities. All wines in this line are part of our exclusive “Twenty Barrel Program.” Ode to Brothers pays homage to brothers, Bud, Don and Rick Mercer who helped develop the Horse Heaven Hills.

Mercer Canyons Wines


September 1, 2012 marks the launch of the Mercer Canyons Wines – Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Blend, Chardonnay and Riesling. The Mercer Canyons Wines pay tribute to our Western heritage. These wines are a beautiful representation of the Horse Heaven Hills and Yakima Valley terroir of which we are so proud.